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Mar 14, 2018

Andy welcomes on a member of the only NBA champion Washington has ever seen, Kevin Grevey of the 1977-78 Bullets. He & Andy initially marvel at how it's been that long, then dive into the path of his career starting with his route from small town Ohio to the University of Kentucky (6:35), Wes Unseld's story on choosing Louisville over UK (11:00), his coach Joe B. Hall & Bobby Knight getting in a fight mid-game (21:38), and playing in the final game of John Wooden's career (28:22) before joining the Bullets. How he chose the NBA over the ABA (31:46), in-depth look at the championship season (45:34), and retiring at 31 years old for his next chapter of life(1:00:36). Finally, "Old School Andy" - a look at the famous Maryland/ NC State game in 74 (1:08:30).