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Apr 12, 2020

DC media icon Arch Campbell joins a long list of Washington legends surprised and impressed with Andy Pollin’s research as the baritone personality is reminded about stories even he had forgotten about.

Mar 26, 2019

Andy is joined by former Capitals goalie Bernie Wolfe to discuss what is like going from a young Jewish boy in Montreal to playing in a NHL net.  Don't miss the story when he was used in the Expansion Draft well after his original playing days (33:35)

Feb 26, 2019

Andy sits down with local shooting legend Brian "Shoot" Magid on his career that included playing both at Maryland and George Washington in college and before all that at Blair High School.

Apr 11, 2018

Andy is joined by a member of the Super Bowl 26 Champion Redskins, Running Back Gerald Riggs.  They start w/ how his last ever game was scoring 2 touchdowns in a Super Bowl win.  Gerald discusses going to the 1st ever NFL Combine coming out of Arizona State, playing for Atlanta, and having Pro Bowl seasons despite many...

Apr 4, 2018

Andy brings on one of the most Terrapins ever and soon to be DC Sports Hall of Famer Walt Williams. Walt discusses growing up in PG County and the impact that Len Bias had on him. He talks about the start to his time at Maryland (16:05), and explains why stayed in College Park despite the program being banned from...